Domain Registration

Choosing a domain name is very important for any business as it represents the business online. With the growing use of the web as a medium of trade and business, it has become even more important to choose the right domain name.

There are a number of things one has to consider before finalising a domain name to register for their business.

Having a catchy and interesting domain name enhances the appeal of your website. Whether you have a domain name or you cannot decide on a particular domain name, OAM Techno Media will help you out and suggest a number of exciting options.

OAM Techno Media is an official domain name registrar for most popular domain types. You can register your domain name with extensions like: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .tel, .tv, .cc, .me.

Transfer of Domain Name

OAM Techno Media helps its customers to transfer the domain name on simple terms. There is no risk involved in the transfer. The process is simple and foolproof.

Even during the transfer process, OAM Techno Media will take care that your domain name is not altered anytime. Transfers are seamless and during the process of transfer your domain will not face downtime. Once you place the order for transfer, the administrative contact of the domain name will receive an email.

Domain Name Renewal

You can register your domain name with us for a fixed period of time. After the end of the registration period, you can renew your domain name. OAM Techno Media will remind your renewal date both with email and post.

Unlike some registration service provider, OAM Techno Media provides domain name renewal service at a very low price. If you are an existing domain name customer of the company, you can quickly renew your registration. In case your domain name is registered with another company, you can transfer it to the company and extend your registration. You can renew both on the long term and short term basis.

Reseller Program

OAM Techno Media is among one of the few domain name service provider offering a comprehensive range of Web Services under a single roof. OAM Techno Media provides an exhaustive TLD offering. You can manage and purchase domains like: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .us, .eu, .mn, .bz, .cc, .tv, .in and third level .in domains from a single interface.


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